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A strong password is long and complex, the basis of the security of the personal data. While it is easy to come up with such a password, it is almost impossible to remember it. Our password generator helps you to create a secure password and to remember it easily. To generate a password, enter a keyword, select the password length and click on Create a password. The created password is static. To re-create the password, just select the same password length and the same keyword. A keyword can be a phrase or a word in any language. To make the password easy to remember the keyword can also be a memorable date. For this purpose there is a special calenda
To create a password for an archive, crypto container or any other document, you can use the file creation date as the keyword. This means that when saving a file or sending it to another person there is no need to save or send the password in its original form together with the file. For easy access to the password you just need to remember it and agree in advance with the recipient that the keyword will be the date the file was created. The recipient will be able to recover the password on our website at any time. Using a date from the calendar as a keyword allows you to create for each date new, strong passwords and use them with ease. See for yourself how simple and easy to use our strong password generator is. We are sure that you will like it.